EZ U-Design-It Cubicle

Design Your Own Cubicle From Our Selection Of Standard Cubicle Components…… And, It’s Easy!!

EZ STEP 1 – Design Your Own Cube:

  • View the U-Design-it Cube Components worksheet shown, print it, or, view and/or print the .pdf link below.
  • Decide the size cube you Want (IE, 2×4′, 2×5′, 6×6′, 6×8′, 7×7′, 7×8′, 8×8′, 8×10′, etc)…
  • Decide if you want them powered, or not.
  • Decide how many you want.
  • From the worksheet, choose the panel heights and components you want in your cubes.

EZ STEP 2 – Let us know what your Ideal cube design Is:

  • You can tell us by calling or texting 303-406-3329 or 720-226-5014.
  • Let us know by using LiveChat, or, if we are on a break, leave a message on Chat.
  • Describe it in an email to – info@officefurnitureEZ.com .
  • Or, hand draw what you would like – with labels and/or a description, take a picture or scan the drawing and then text or email it to us.
  • You could print the U-Design-It Cube Components worksheet, circle the desired parts & pieces, take a picture of it or scan it and then text or email it to us.
  • Take a couple of pictures of a cubicle at your office that is close to what you want or exactly what you want & send them to us with your comments.
  • How about mailing us your hand drawing or marked up printed components sheet (Just kidding! Who does this anymore?).
  • No matter how you do It, please Include your preferred method of contact.

EZ STEP 3 – We will respond back with drawings to be sure we have it right:

  • First, we will get back to you quickly with any questions via your preferred method of contact.
  • Then, we will produce and send you drawings similar to the examples under the worksheet.
  • This will be a good time for us to ask what your preferred fabric, laminate, and trim finishes are. We will present you your fabric and finish options based on your workstation series selection – that is, “Quicktime/Quickship”, Remanufactured, or New, as each has a different selection.

EZ STEP  4 – We present you with pricing – purchase and enjoy your new cubes!


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