Furniture for Educational Institutions

education furniture

We offer a wide variety of solutions for academic furniture needs including traditional classroom tables and chairs, small group tables and chairs, lab seating and stools as well as quiet study solutions. The right furniture selection can help foster the best learning environment for your students or trainees.

If you have a large group and you’re seeking a lecture setting, check out some of the classroom options. In addition, we have a wide variety of tables and chairs that are conducive to small group discussion and interaction. If you are teaching and training in a lab setting, we have a variety of seating and stools that will provide comfort, visibility and space for your student. Finally, if you want to provide a place for students or trainees to study on their own in a quiet setting, we have some pods and individual desks.

The images you see here are just a few ideas representative of the many items we can order. We have access to a huge selection of colors, laminates, shapes and sizes, so give us a call and we’ll help customize an affordable solution for you.

Classroom Tables & Chairs

In the education industry, an optimal learning environment starts with the right physical setting. Office Furniture EZ has a huge selection of classroom tables and chairs to fit just about any academic space. Designing a classroom or auditorium may seem like a daunting task, but we can help! We offer a no-cost, no-obligation Free Site Survey where we come to your facility, take careful measurements while also noting power sources and other structural needs. From there, we discuss your goals – in terms of both function and aesthetics. Once we have all of the information gathered, we make a recommendation for a solution that will meet your needs while staying within your budget. If you’ve already got an idea of your plan and you just need a price, visit our Request a Quote page and we’ll gladly provide a price estimate of the classroom desk, chair, table or other furniture you’re considering.

GBL 2gether Tables
GBL Flex-Nest Seats - Four Seater Workspace
RMF Flextables
GBL Junction Tables
GBL Duet Desk & Chair Sets
RMF Flextables

Small Group Tables & Chairs

While lecture halls are ideal for some teachers, others in the field of education prefer a small group setting. Our selection of tables and chairs allows you to customize your classroom or learning space for your needs. Whether you’d like just a simple table and chairs set or if you want tables that can be configured into various shapes and sizes to accommodate changing group sizes, we can help. The images you see here are just a small sample of what’s available. All of our furniture is offered at a significant discount from the manufacturer’s list price … up to 50% off on some pieces. If you see something you like, complete our Request a Quote form and we’ll be glad to assist you by providing a no-obligation price.

Alba GBL Small Group Tables
Zook GBL Small Group Tables
Fliptop Nesting Tables - RMF
Small Group Tables - RMF
Small Group Cube - EZPL139T/EZPLCube20
Zook GBL Small Group Tables

Lab Seating and Stools

A big part of education is hands-on learning and this often takes place in a lab. Students need to be seated at the proper height for work involving a laboratory, drafting, design and more. What you see here are just a few of the many specialty seating options we offer. These stools and raised seats are all offered at a significant discount off the manufacturer’s list price. Let us know what interests you by completing our Request a Quote form and we’ll gladly provide a price estimate with no obligation.

Lab Stool GBL Sidero
Lab Stool - GBL Solar
Lab Stool - RMF Value Mesh Mid Back
Lab Stool - GBL Graphic
Lab Stool - GBL - Industrial
Lab Stool - RMF Sleek Series
Lab Stool - GBL Graphic
Lab Stool - GBL Duet
Lab Stool - GBL Industrial Backless
Lab Stool - GBL Tye
Lab Stool - RMF Agenda Plus
Lab Stool - GBL File Buddy

Quiet Study Furniture

There are times when students need to break off from the group and study in a quiet, independent surrounding. Maybe you prefer the standard classroom style all-in-one desk and chair unit … or you might be looking at something more modern and comfortable. Perhaps you had a quiet area for groups in mind. We can help you create the setting that you envision for your students. We can either provide you a price quote first or you can schedule a Free Site Survey. Both are offered at no obligation, so get started today!

Study Desk - GBL Sonic
Study Table - GBL Tall Swap
Study Desk - GBL Duet
Study Pod - GBL The River
Study Pod - GBL The River
Study Table - GBL Bridges II
Study Table - RMF Elements Shared
Study Table - GBL Swap